NK Crew Reunited [Bunjungle]

The two day event was executed perfectly and in a disciplined manner. The participants for the ride gathered at Iron Monk for breakfast and registration, after which everyone was briefed to familiarize the riders on how the ride will be conducted, the journey’s itinerary and other crucial information. The ride started out from Iron Monk and passed through Durbar Marg then onto New Baneshwor, Koteshwor, Ekantakuna, Kalanki, Balaju and finally stopping for the day at Bunjungle Adventure Resort which is on the way to Kakani. The ride was led by three marshals, Mr. Gaurav Pathak (Dealer, CFMOTO Teku Branch) and Mr. Ashish Sinha (Co-founder, Iron Monk) along with Mr.Sukadev Karki (Brand Ambassador, CFMOTO). The CFMOTO NK Crew Ride 2018 was co-sponsored by Iron Monk, Pirelli Tires (PWheels Pvt. Ltd.), Shell Lubricants Nepal (API Business Pvt. Ltd.) and Alpha Riding Gears.

On the first day, the ride begins with a convoy of motorcycles with bikes from CFMOTO and various other brands wearing the CFMOTO teal over-top vest. The participating riders were much disciplined and reached the intended destination with no complications. Upon reaching Bunjungle Adventures, the riders had their lunch and later they gathered around to have a friendly interacting session with smiles and laughs; this was the ice breaker for everyone. Individuals shared their own story and got to know each other.

You can bet that day was filled with the word “Ramailo”, given the day consisted of fun and interactive activities that were spread throughout the day. The main motive of the ride was to create a biking brotherhood and all the activities that were carried out helped in establishing this bond among the riders; these included arm wrestling, pushup challenge and hula-hoop competition.

The arm wrestling tournament was one of activity that was probably a favorite along with the push up contest where riders witnessed moments of intense athleticism from some of the participants. Needless to say the riders were pretty much engaged throughout the day. With each of these activities, riders would earn points and the riders with the highest points were awarded with prizes like Pirelli tires, Shell Lubricants (engine oil), Riding gloves from Alpha Riding Gears, free servicing from Iron Monk and other gift hampers likes hoodies, t-shirts and other CFMOTO merchandise. The day ended with the riders bonding over a barbecue dinner and singing and dancing around a bonfire; whilst they spent the evening entertaining themselves and making the whole environment lit and lively.

The second day, the crew started the New Year early where all the riders took a hike to Tarkeshwor Mahadev but before that Mr. Sukadev Karki led a refreshing stretching session to get all the riders lose and in groove with the nature. Then during the hike, the crew enjoyed the serenity of nature and took a step towards environmentalism where they planted trees on hills of Tarkeshwor Mahadev. 

This had always been the main objective of the ride; to bring together riders and give back to the environment. Then after that they returned back to the venue which was followed by the prize distribution session. Not to mention, there was a brief feedback session from the riders which was conducted by one of the marshals, Mr. Gaurav Pathak, where they shared their experience and reflected on the ride.

CFMOTO, indeed, pulled-off an excellently executed ride; bringing together 75 strangers and in a span of 2 days, they’ve made 75 manned band of brothers. The riding culture is ever so expanding and now a part of a riding brotherhood that CFMOTO has encouraged.

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