International Advance Service Week

March 4 - 7, 2019

International Advance Service Week

We cannot deny the necessity for enlarged customer service. When it comes to a company, having a customer base of more than 700, providing superior customer satisfaction is an up-and-coming requirement. To improve the service they have been providing for the past one and a half year, Anna International Pvt. Ltd. (CFMOTO Nepal) organized a workshop as of recent time. The workshop, “International Advance Service Week”, was held from the 4th of March till the 7th.

To make this training program week a successful event, the delegates, Mr. Wang Ping (Technical Trainer), Mr. Hudson (Parts division), Mr. Martin (Warranty) and Mr. Billy (After Sales Service), arrived from CFMOTO HQ at China. The personnel of CFMOTO customer service department gathered at Times Square Restaurant and Iron Monk workshop from all over Nepal to sharpen their skills both theoretically and practically via the training camp. 28 technical engineers and mechanics of CFMOTO Nepal joined in on the training. They headed the workshop with a goal to provide an improved customer service to the existing customers and for those in the future.

The training commenced with the theory of basic components of 250NK engine. This bike comes with a reasonable price tag along with a rich assortment features. Among these, the bike is fully equipped with a highly advanced single cylinder 250cc liquid-cooled engine with DOHC, EFI, Dual Channel ABS and TFT Display.

The training also incorporated the process of assembling the engine along with detailed directions of its assembly and vice versa for better comprehension of the engine mechanisms for the service staff. The in-depth information about the outlook on the working mechanism of the engine parts with their specific location and requirements were also included in this training. Following the theoretical session, the trainees took part in a practical training session, where they handled the 250NK’s engine firsthand.

The entire training experience has been very fruitful for the people at CFMOTO. The company recognizes the necessity of a better customer service. CFMOTO is driven to provide their customers with superior customer satisfaction and this seminar has definitely helped them attain a step closer to that goal.

The final two days of the training prioritized its focus towards the electronical components of a motorcycle providing information on ABS, ABS sensors, EFI, and other electronics. This session allowed them to get a better understanding of how these technologies work. The participants also got acquainted with Diagnosis tools for troubleshooting the problem of EFI and ABS system which enhanced their skills on working with these electronic parts.

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