On May 11th, the 2019 CFMOTO Day grandly opened at the Ningbo International Circuit in Zhejiang, China. This is the third time that CFMOTO has held such brand event. Every year, a large number of CFMOTO owners and even other brands’ motorcycle riders come to attend this carnival together, a party for all the riders to experience more together.

One of the biggest differences between the 2019 CFMOTO Day and the past is that the total number of people has doubled compared with last two years, close to 3,000 people, which has set a record in the domestic motorcycle industry, and with the further expansion of CFMOTO’s global business, distributors, dealers and business partners from around the world came to China and witnessed the 2019 CFMOTO day together.

In Chinese culture, 30 years old means more independent personality, more mature thinking, and more capable to conquer all kinds of difficulties and obstacles in life. 2019 is CFMOTO’s 30th anniversary. Meanwhile, CFMOTO is undergoing a gorgeous transformation, trying to integrate more trendy and young elements into the brand, which signals that CFMOTO will cater more to the younger generations’ needs in the future, showing CFMOTO’s ambitions to take over the younger generations all over the world.

CFMOTO produced its first motorcycle accessory in 1989; developed the first large-displacement water-cooled engine (650cc) successfully in 1999, filling the gap in this field in China; developed its 1P52MI water-cooled engine and introduced a large scooter with this engine in 2000, arousing great interests in the industry; exported motorcycles to Europe, America and Southeast Asia for the first time in 2001, setting off into the globe; officially signed a cooperation agreement with KTM in 2013, becoming the importer and manufacturing plant of KTM in China. In Sep. 2014, CF650G, customized for the Chinese central government, was designated as the escort motorcycle for state guests. In Mar. 2018, the factory base of CFMOTO-KTM joint venture started breaking ground, which indicates that CFMOTO will master the most advanced production equipment and technology and become a world-class powersports brand in the near future.

With the completion of the new factory in 2020, CFMOTO will strive to produce more high quality and sunning products for CFMOTO fans around the world. The next CFMOTO product will further empower you to experience more together.


A new addition was revealed to the CFMOTO family, the all-new 250SR! Power, speed, precision, the 250SR signals a new step forward in the evolution of our motorcycle design and strategic product planning.

CFMOTO headquarter is striving to be one of the key players in the racing world. One of the CFMOTO factory riders Mr. Junjie rode the new 250SR to the stage. Aggressive riding posture, fantastic design, Brembo callipers, Akrapovic exhaust and attractive color scheme similar to 650i, the isle of man TT race bike make it a stunning bike.

CFMOTO produces motorcycles of different displacements ranging from 150cc to 650cc, which have always been among the best-sellers in domestic China and some of the countries in the world. Racing bikes have always been a favorite for the younger generations. 250SR has long been in CFMOTO strategic product plan, which signals CFMOTO’s determination to enter the racing world and promote the racing culture. It’s the first time that 250SR is introduced to the public. More details regarding model specifications and pricing will be disclosed later. Please stay tuned for more updates.


After the grand opening, the first activity on the agenda was the track parade, the most sacred ritual for motorcyclists. Hundreds of motorcycles lined up in rows. The engine was roaring and the momentum was bursting.

No speed limit, no pedestrian and no interference. The racing track is like heaven for riders. Twist the throttle, leave the world behind and lose yourself in the acceleration.


The world record for 100-meter running is 9.58s, while what is the best record of motorcycles? The CFMOTO 100-meter racing usually takes only 5s to get the finish line. 1 or 2 seconds’ difference decides if you are the winner or not.


The EMT battle is where you get to test your riding skills. The cones are placed in the shape of three letters: E, M and T- the acronym for Experience More Together. The contestant who uses the least time wins.



When cornering, the papio will tilt outwards to generate centrifugal force, so the body must move to the center of the tire grounding point properly with the vehicle. Overcome the centrifugal force and maintain the lateral stability. It is time to show your skills.



Showing off the ZFORCE 1000, 250NK and 650NK’s incredible agility and power, three stunt masters from Italy, Nepal and China respectively redefined the thrills and coolness!



As a world-class power-sports brand, in addition to the motorcycle business, four-wheelers are also a strong business sector for CFMOTO. According to the CFMOTO 2018 performance report, the four-wheel business had maintained its number one market share in more than a dozen European countries.
2019 CFMOTO DAY initiated the first stop of ZFORCE1000 Championship in China. Short and refined body, thick tires and bare mechanical structures, it will conquer different road conditions with unreserved original wildness!



Day and night, CFMOTO was in full swing. The all-round music producer from China joined hands with the dance regiment and DJ from Russia, rising the atmosphere and leading the audience to rave.

2019 CFMOTO DAY indicates another big step forward for CFMOTO. Relentless focusing on product R&D with craftsmanship spirit, CFMOTO also tries to make a younger CFMOTO brand. Our target customers-the younger generations will not only enjoy authentic riding, but also fabulous fun and experience, truly delivering the brand promise EXPERIENCE MORE TOGETHER!


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